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Photography for Big Cats is a not-for-profit business that supports Big Cat and British wildlife conservation through photography. Since 2008 the founder and wildlife photographer of Photography for Big Cats has raised awareness and funds for endangered big cat species through her Fundraising Stall and through Talks, which are illustrated by her photography.

When Barbara registered Photography for Big Cats as a Community Interest Company
(CIC) in May 2012 big cat conservation was still the only focus of her efforts, and this still is a core part of our business today.

Learning more about the big cats and the problems they face in their natural environment made us however realise that problems like poaching, habitat loss and the lack of food do also apply to wildlife here in the UK. In this context, Barbara started to get images and also video footage of British wildlife for her talks in October 2014; and this developed soon into a survey of what wildlife species are out in natural habitat areas within the wider Sherwood Forest region, and what impact we have on wildlife and its habitat.

Over the last couple of years we started not only to utilise the footage of our trail cameras for talks, but we offer to support conservation groups and land owners/managers to learn more about the wildlife on their properties. Our Photographic Wildlife Survey is a project that helps to manage properties in a wildlife friendly manner and in line with wildlife regulations. Furthermore we are offering our new Educational Trail Camera Project to schools and youth groups to enable children to gain an insight into the life of British wildlife and the issues that impact their life expectancy, life quality and in some cases maybe even the survival of their species.

The ever growing human population and our increasing demands on natural resources has a severe impact on wildlife and our natural environment in general, and therefore conservation of individual species and habitat areas will only succeed, if we look at our own action and their impact on the wildlife, the plants and our natural surroundings.

Our natural environment is a system that is functioning based on a wide variety of wildlife and plant species. This system provides not only food and shelter to wildlife, but also us with land, water and air; vital for our own survival.

Photography for Big Cats' mission is it to bring people closer to wildlife and their habitat while providing guidance on minimising our impact on wildlife, plants and our natural environment in general.

Enjoy it, but please respect it!