About Photography for Big Cats CIC

Photography for Big Cats CIC is a not-for-profit business and was founded by wildlife photographer Barbara Meyer in May 2012. The initial aim was to raise awareness and funds for endangered Big Cat species and the conservation work around them. And this is still one of our main objectives.

We are providing talks on Big Cats and their fight for surviving extinction, and we are selling Barbara's photography in form of mounted prints and fridge magnets via our fundraising stall at zoos and wildlife parks. All profits from the photoproduct sales go to selected big cat conservation partners, which support big cat conservation for tigers and Amur leopards:
21st Century Tiger, Amur Leopard and Tiger Alliance (ALTA) and Wildlife Vets International (WVI)

Over the years we have however realised that problems like poaching, habitat loss and lack of food do not only affect big cats, but also the wildlife here in Britain, and based on this Barbara started a trail camera project to obtain images and video footage of the wildlife in the wider Sherwood Forest area in 2014. Taking photos and film material via trail cameras was initially solely intended for talks and publications to raise awareness for wildlife in our surroundings.

Through the trail camera project it became clear that wildlife habitat here in Britain is not only limited through the ever expanding demands on space through the human population, but also through how we use natural habitat areas. Based on this we have started a campaign to raise awareness for the need to respect natural habitat areas as home of wildlife (reducing our impact when visiting these areas).

Photography is still the main medium for our work, but we are working now also pro-actively with landowners and managers, wildlife conservation groups and a wildlife crime unit of the Police to analyse situations and work on solutions, which ensure a future for wildlife and its habitat; and through this for the natural environment and ourselves.

Although it may appear that big cat and British wildlife conservation are completely different areas and would be difficult to combine, we know there are many common problems and that this includes the way how we interact with wildlife and its habitat when being abroad or at home. Wildlife and wildlife habitat, whether these are tigers, badgers, trees or any other wildlife and plant species play an important part in the functionality of the natural system. Our mission is to raise more awareness for this and through this more respect for wildlife and its habitat.

Enjoy it, but please respect it!