An Update From the Police Rural Proactive Team

24th February 2017
An article by Special Constable Alan Marwood, Nottinghamshire Police Rural Proactive Team

As candlemas day passes and the season moves towards spring, wildlife is stirring. The blue tits and robins are starting the ritual of breeding, with frenzied activity in the hedgerows and trees.

The fishing season is closing and the deep dark waters will be alive to rekindle piscatorial life. Notts Police will be out with the Enviroment Agency to enforce fishing licensing and also to show its presence in the community.

The new off road vehicles are of great help for us to patrol green lanes, secluded woods and fields where offences are most likely to be committed. We have continued our efforts against hare coursers and poachers, and our colleagues in Lincolnshire are working across the borders to ensure a seamless approach to catch these offenders.

To all the dog owners - Please ensure that your dogs are on a lead and on public footpaths when crossing farm land. If your dog worries sheep and other livestock the farmer is entitled to shoot the dog and claim damages against its owner. Even the most docile dog can worry sheep. It's not a bit of fun, and the loss to all concerned is awful to see and can be avoided by respecting the country code.

Keep all dogs on a lead and under control!

One area of concern to the rural community are off road quad bikes who continue to commit damage, destroy crops and tear up by ways. We recently caught four quad bikes and seized them in North Notts, each quad bike was worth up to £3000, none of the riders were insured, taxed or held a licence so they will have a real struggle to lawfully retrieve those vehicles.

The riders were devastated at having their vehicles seized and even more so when they realised that in addition to the recovery costs, the fines and endorsements would be astronomical.

Please don't ride off road on quad bikes or off road motor cycles on land without permission of the land-owner,
and DO NOT ride them on the road without insurance or licences!

We will continue these endeavours and we can employ off road motor cycles to catch off road bikers who commit offences. Again illegal vehicles will be seized and drivers will be prosecuted.

We have undertaken mobile patrols with our ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) and in addition to detecting unlicensed vehicles we have arrested criminals out in the rural areas as we are striving to make Nottinghamshire Rural Communities safer. We are increasing our use of this technology and achieving good results.

To finish with a quote from Chesterton:
If candlemas day be cold and bright, winter shall have another flight
If candlemas be cold and grey, winter will surely go away

Hopefully winter has had her flight and Spring will slowly but surely reach her tentacles of warm and new life to us soon.

And please remember:
If you see a crime please report it to us on 101 or if a crime is in progress call us on 999/112