Autumn News Update

27th September 2017
An article by Special Constable Alan Marwood, Nottinghamshire Police Pro-Active Rural Crime Team

As we pass the Autumn Equinox and the nights now start to lengthen, autumns bountiful larder gives our wildlife chance to prepare for the winter ahead. We see deer becoming that bit bolder taking fruit and shoots, pigeons wheel across rape fields, and stubble, providing food until the mantle of winter forces them to retreat to the towns.

We will see the shooting season start soon, please take care with weapons; always obtain permission to shoot and never shoot where you can't see. Fields sports are a part of the countryside scene and organised shoots will be out from October 1st.

Hare coursing still causes problems and along with our colleagues across the region we will take action against them including seizure of vehicles and any weapons when we catch the offenders.

We were shown a very impressive demonstration of drones by Lincolnshire Police and the benefits of detecting and dealing with wildlife issues are obvious. We can see for miles as the song goes, and we can zoom in to number plates, persons, and we can use it at night. Most importantly we can record all the events onto SD card.

If you suspect hare coursing ring us, and please give us as much information as possible. This goes also for illegal angling. We work with the EA
(Environmental Agency) and we are committed to keeping our fisheries protected.

Regarding other crime, we are proactively patrolling residential and rural areas to deter burglars and also people who set fire to haystacks. We are working with the County Fire Service to deter, detect and deal with arsonists, for which the penalty is up to 10 years imprisonment.

Be vigilant and if you have CCTV make sure it's working! Check your passive lighting, close gates, make notes of vehicle registrations, get together and look out for your neighbours; believe me it really works.

Finally a poem for Autumn that foretells of the winter to come

On Wenlock edge the woods in trouble
The forests fleece the Wrekin bears
The gales it plies the saplings double
With thick on Severn snow to coat the leaves

A E Housman

Stay safe, slow down on the roads, make sure your car is ready for winter!

Nottinghamshire Police are there for you in the rural community. Please don't hesitate to call us; dial 101 for routine calls and if a crime is taking place ring 999.