Fundraising for Big Cats

As always Thank You for your ongoing support!


In 2016 we managed to raise a total of £5,874.57 for our Big Cat Conservation partners:In addition to this we raised a further £962.81 on behalf of the wildlife conservation charities of the venues, which kindly allowed us to pitch our fundraising stall up at the zoo and respectively wildlife park:
  • Action For The Wild - £147.47 (Colchester Zoo)
  • YWP Foundation - £815.34 (Yorkshire Wildlife Park)

Amur Tiger - Vladimir
at Yorkshire Wildlifpark

We will continue our fundraising for tigers and Amur leopards this year, and have agreed the following dates with our venues:
Yorkshire Wildlife Park
YWP Foundation
27 - 28 August

19 - 20 August
25 - 26 August
23 - 24 September

21st Century Tiger
28 - 30 July

Wildlife Vets International
4 - 6 August
3 - 5 November

Colchester Zoo
Action For The Wild
back in 2018

Wildlife Vets International
back in 2018

Woodside Wildlife Park
21st Century Tiger
21 - 23 July

As our Big Cats Fighting for Survival event was quite popular, we will try to arrange another event like this for later this year (providing an overview of what your donations help to achieve in tiger and Amur leopard conservation). Please watch this space and also our Big Cat News section for more information on this.

Amur Leopard - Sayan
at Colchester Zoo

Hope to see you at one of our Photography for Big Cats CIC fundraising stalls in 2017.