The founder and photographer of Photography for Big Cats CIC, Barbara Meyer offers a wide range of talks, related to the Big Cats, their conservation, other wildlife and photography. Since 2015 she offers also a talk on her work in the wider Sherwood Forest area and the problems wildlife faces here in the UK.

Amur Leopard - Milena (Colchester Zoo)

Talks are available on the following topics:
Big Cats
This popular talk will explain not only what is most commonly referred to as a big cat in the conservation world, but will also outline where these cats live and what problems they are facing in their natural habitat. Furthermore, Barbara will look in her talk at conservation efforts, which may prevent the extinction of big cat species.

Wildlife Photography And Its Role In Conservation
Through natural history documentary films and also through articles in wildlife and other magazines we are aware that photography is important in view of raising awareness for wildlife and their situation in the wild. Photography is however used far beyond this to help big cats and other wildlife species in their fight to survive extinction and to deal with aspects like human/wildlife conflict. Barbara’s talk on photography will tell you about this and how she uses her photography to help the Big Cats and also British wildlife.

The tiger is one of the most iconic species in the world, but all remaining subspecies are classified as endangered; 3 of these even as critically endangered. Over the last year there has been some good news, but also further evidence of the struggle tigers have to survive extinction. This talk will tell you about the different subspecies and their survival chances.

Wildlife Conservation - Different Approaches To Help Endangered Species
Barbara has supported wildlife conservation for some years now, and has visited South Africa in 2011 to explore different approaches to wildlife conservation. This talk will provide an overview of different approaches and why they are needed or respectively why some cannot necessarily be seen as conservation.

On Safari in South Africa
This talk will take the audience on a journey to the Greater Krüger National Park and other game reserves in South Africa. Barbara's work has taken her to many different destinations in South Africa and through this she has learnt much about the wildlife, safaris and also how the tourism may support the wildlife, but also what negative impact it may have on wildlife.

Wildlife in Sherwood Forest
Besides her work to raise awareness and funds for endangered big cat species, Barbara has conducted wildlife surveys in the wider Sherwood Forest area and raised awareness for wildlife in Britain for over 3 years now. This talk will cover what wildlife species Barbara has been able to record in England’s most famous forest and what might influence wildlife distribution in natural habitat areas like Sherwood forest and other areas across Britain.

The price for talks up to 1 hour is £75, including travel expenses for groups in Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Leicestershire and Rutland (£15 travel expenses for groups in Derbyshire, South Yorkshire, Northamptonshire and Cambridgeshire). Talks can be arranged for longer durations (£25 per additional hour; £15 for an additional half-an-hour).


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