Big Cats Fighting For Survival

We are going to do it again!

Amur Tiger - Tschuna (Yorkshire Wildlife Park)

Following on from starting an evening event about Big Cat Conservation as part of the Big Cats Fighting for Survival campaign, we ran in Hinckley 2 years ago and the evening we arranged at Colchester Zoo last year, we are now bringing the event to our main fundraising venue; Yorkshire Wildlife Park.

We are pleased to announce that Yorkshire Wildlife Park has kindly agreed to host our

Big Cats Fighting For Survival
event on
18 October 2017

This will be an evening event(starting at 7pm), which will be open to members of Yorkshire Wildlife Park. Our conservation partners will provide an update on their work for tigers and Amur leopards plus we will have a talk by Yorkshire Wildlife Park about the role of zoos and wildlife parks in wildlife conservation and a personal account of being out on patrol with the anti-poaching team in Sumatra by Sarah Forsyth (curator at Colchester Zoo).

We are very grateful to Yorkshire Wildlife Park for being able to provide this year's Big Cats Fighting For Survival evening here. As Yorkshire Wildlife Park is our main fundraising venue, having the event here will enable our supporters to come and hear first-hand the impact their donations make to the survival chances of tigers and Amur leopards.

Tickets for our Big Cats Fighting For Survival evening at Yorkshire Wildlife Park will cost £5 per person and will be available for sale to YWP members via the YWP Visitor Services soon
(dates when ticket sales will open still needs to be confirmed).

We will provide further information and reminders for the event via our Facebook and Twitter pages and newsletter.

Hope to see you on the evening.