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Our initial interest in British wildlife was raised through the fact that problems for Big Cats affect also the wildlife here in the UK. This does not only apply to poaching, habitat loss and lack of food, but is also relevant in respect of diseases like bovine TB (e.g. bovine TB is affecting ~50% of the lions in the southern part of the Krüger National Park and some of the badgers here in the England at least).

Based on this, our photographer Barbara Meyer started to set up a trail camera in Sherwood Forest to gain some images and video footage for her talks back in October 2014. This developed into a more extensive survey about the wildlife in the Sherwood Forest National Nature Reserve and beyond. The species, we have recorded in the wider Sherwood Forest area include




Our survey has not only provided information on what wildlife species are living or visiting the areas, we surveyed, but it has also highlighted the impact we have on wildlife in general and more specifically when visiting wildlife habitat areas. In this respect we have started to share this knowledge via our talks and web page plus are also offering trail camera surveys to owners and managers of natural habitat areas to help identifying where wildlife can be found and what can be done to prevent negative impact on them, their home environment and neighbouring areas
(wildlife that is not able to find undisturbed places to forage and rest in natural environments will try to find refuge in fields and may, if chased end up causing accidents on surrounding roads). .

Information about the individual wildlife species is available via our Wildlife Info - Videos page or by clicking on the highlighted terms above.
This is still work in progress, but will be expanded over the coming weeks.

Species information on this web page is mainly based on information by the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature), while information on the threats to wildlife species is based on information from various conservation groups and news bulletins (information sources are generally provided below the articles).