Educational Trail Camera Project

As part of our mission to raise awareness for wildlife we are offering our Educational Trail Camera Project to schools and youth groups.


The Educational Trail Camera Project has the objective to raise the children's interest in wildlife and to learn about the different species that can be found in natural habitat areas around us. There are generally three phases in this project
  • Exploring surrounding natural habitat areas for signs of wildlife activity and setting up trail cameras,
  • Evaluating what the camera(s) recorded and research information about species, their behaviour and our impact on wildlife,
  • Producing a short film about a wildlife species, an insight into what wildlife species live in the natural habitat area, the children monitored or issues for wildlife and what could be done to help.

At the beginning of the project, there will be a presentation showing the children what wildlife species, we have found in our surveys in the wider Sherwood Forest area, the signs that indicate wildlife activity (paw prints, etc) and how trail cameras work and how they should be set up.

Following this, the children will explore under guidance a natural habitat area for signs of wildlife activity and look for a good location for one or more trail cameras either on school grounds or in a nearby nature reserve
(with permission of the land owner/manager). The children will then set up one or multiple trail camera(s) in location(s) that they selected.

In the second phase video footage and/or images will be downloaded, reviewed and labelled at pre-determined intervals, e.g. on a weekly basis. Depending on the set length of the individual video clips and the wildlife activity captured, it may vary in view of how long the review will take. We will provide guidance on how to approach the footage review and how to label the video clips/images to allow finding the ones that may be of interest later more easily (for a film and/or maybe for scientific purposes).

This is the phase when the children have the possibility to learn more about the different wildlife species, the trail camera(s) has/have captured; with our help and also through their own research. The children can also evaluate different behaviours and learn about seasonal events and changes.

The last phase of the project is providing the children with an opportunity to share their knowledge about the wildlife, they have recorded or seen in person, and studied as part of the project. As mentioned above the children will produce a short film either about
  • A certain species,
  • About their experience and what species, they have found as part of their survey,
  • About an issue that impacts the wildlife and an idea on how this could be changed.

In order to finance the equipment and resourcing of this project for the 2 schools, we have signed up so far, we need your help. If you like the idea of our project please provide a donation via our Crowdfunding Campaign for this.

If you like to learn more about our Educational Trail Camera Project and how this could work for your school or youth group please contact us by completing the contact form below or e-mailing us at

Educational Trail Camera Project

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