Late Summer Update

07th September 2017
An article by Special Constable Alan Marwood, Nottinghamshire Police Pro-Active Rural Crime Team

During this summer a large number of Nottinghamshire Police officers received training from the Badger Trust. The day included practical training in addition to the theory.

We continue to police the waterways in co-operation with our Environmental Agency (EA) colleagues. The fishing season has started without too many hiccups, although some people still chance fishing without a licence. Be aware, this will inevitably lead to a prosecution.

As the pigeons gorge themselves over the stubble fields and the ground is ploughed we are conscious of the hare coursing issue, which we are keen to prevent. We will also deter and prosecute any form of illegal hunting. People are often tempted by the surplus game and may be inclined to take them unlawfully. Please don't do this as it is illegal and will have serious consequences, especially if firearms or other weapons are involved.

As the nights start to draw in the mist and mellow fruitfulness turns to winter's first chill, please take extra care on the roads. Be wary of deer, who may cause collisions. If there are signs warning of wild animals please observe them!

Harvesting is a time of plenty and we will be vigilant to deter fires on agricultural property in partnership with Notts Fire Service. Please take extra care with lit matches and cigarette ends as fire is devastating and does cause immense issues for the farmers and the fire service.

As usual enjoy our beautiful countryside and stay vigilant, and help us to deter rural crime.

If Nottinghamshire Police can be of help then contact us on 101 for routine calls or if it's an emergency then call us on 999.