More From the Winter Rural Beat

24th January 2017
An article by Special Constable Alan Marwood, Nottinghamshire Police Rural Proactive Team

We sit in the month of January with Christmas fading fast, but with the promise of spring and new life. Notts Police Rural Specials are out in this dormant season making sure that those creatures are safe.

We have a new 4x4 vehicle coming our way so that we can gain access to those areas where a minority of people want to harm our wildlife. We will tackle anti social behaviour such as this of roaming, hare coursing and those intent on damaging the byways.

We are maintaining the pressure on the hare coursers with all the rural officers; paying particular attention to this menace. On a positive note our increased presence along with our colleagues in Lincolnshire, is deterring these criminals from their unlawful and cruel activities. A vital link in our fight against wildlife crime are the rural communities, which are playing their part in maintaining vigilance.

Whilst on patrol last week nature is stirring, I sat motionless next to a young muntjac deer in the woods near Elkesley, we looked at each other in the early morning mist, neither intent on causing each other harm. I admired his markings, his youth and his lust for life. This deer came close to the car, but his curiosity eventually leading to him walking away into the woods and the veil of woodland swathing his disappearance,
(apologies to D H Lawerence)

I watched two buzzards near to Laxton their beautiful plumage outlined against the pale morning sun. They are surely a benchmark to natures ability to regenerate after years of isolation.

We will be conducting fisheries operations in the near future, along with our Environment Agency colleagues to ensure that fisheries and our piscatorial wildlife is protected. Most anglers welcome this operation and they act as eyes and ears for the countryside.

Finally if you see anything suspicious which impacts on the wildlife and the rural community contact us on 101, or if it's an emergency or a crime is in progress call us on 999/112.