News - Photographic Wildlife Survey

Wildlife Photography Exhibition at Clumber Park
29th January 2018
Clumber Park is a popular destination for people to enjoy a walk, go cycling, horse riding or just to meet with friends. As a natural habitat area it is however also important from a wildlife perspective.

Wildlife photographer Barbara Meyer has monitored with the aid of trail cameras wildlife in Clumber Park over the past 18 months. Her exhibition at the Discovery Centre at Clumber Park will share some of the trail camera images from Barbara's survey as well as some of her British wildlife photography.
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Reviewing Pricing of Talks
28th September 2017
We have provided talks on Big Cats, Wildlife in Sherwood Forest and Wildlife Conservation since 2009, and have been able to keep the price for these at the same level for the last 5 years. As this is however one of the very few income sources, which provides cover for our administration and resourcing costs, we will unfortunately need to increase the fee for talks from 2018 onwards.

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Trail Camera Project for Schools
19th July 2017
Much has happened since we had the idea of bringing wildlife closer to children by using trail cameras to teach about the wildlife. We will be working with 2 schools in Nottinghamshire from September onwards. For this we need however your help as we do need trail cameras, other equipment and accessories, and will need to finance the resourcing for this project.
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Talk on Wildlife in Sherwood Forest
17th July 2017
We have just booked the Clipstone Village Hall to provide a talk on the
Wildlife Habitat - Sherwood Forest
on 30 September 2017

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Green Up Day In Nottingham
01st May 2017
We will have a stall on the Green Up Day event on Sneinton Market in Nottingham on 5 May 2017.
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Visiting Wildlife Habitat
29th February 2016
In consideration of the ever growing human population and the rapidly increasing speed the number of people on planet Earth grows, we would like to draw your attention to our impact on other species. This is not something new and has been said many times before. This is however a subject, which still does not seem to be fully understood in its complexity yet.
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Update on Photographic Wildlife Survey
07th December 2015
After more than a year observing wildlife and exploring what is happening in different parts of the Sherwood Forest National Nature Reserve, we have performed a review and produced a report about what has been happening so far.

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