Reviewing Pricing of Talks

28th September 2017
We have provided talks on Big Cats, Wildlife in Sherwood Forest and Wildlife Conservation since 2009, and have been able to keep the price for these at the same level for the last 5 years. As this is however one of the very few income sources, which provides cover for our administration and resourcing costs, we will unfortunately need to increase the fee for talks from 2018 onwards.

The new price for talks up to one hour will be £75. This change will take affect for any bookings made from 1 November 2017 onwards. The increase will not affect any bookings for talks in 2018, which we have already received or will be made during October 2017. We hope that the transition period will provide in particular our repeat customers, but generally any groups with the chance to get their bookings in for the coming year at the old price of £65.

All other conditions will remain the same, meaning travel expenses for groups in Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Leicestershire and Rutland are included in the price for the talk, and for groups in Derbyshire, South Yorkshire, Northamptonshire and Cambridgeshire travel expenses will remain £10. Talks can be also arranged for longer durations (£25 per additional hour; £15 for an additional half-an-hour).

For more details on our talks please visit: Talks
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