Trail Camera Sponsorship

Wildlife photographer, Barbara Meyer is conducting a Photographic Wildlife Survey in Sherwood Forest National Nature Reserve. As she intends to cover the entire area of 450 acres and is aiming to capture also seasonal changes and other natural events like the upbringing of young animals, her 4 trail cameras need some help.

In order to gain a comprehensive overview of wildlife species and their movements, we plan to set up groups of 4 - 6 cameras in different locations throughout the forest. Cameras will be moved around their sector in a systematic fashion, which should allow us to learn more about the wildlife activities in the different areas of the forest. In order to achieve this, we are looking to purchase at least 16 more trail cameras (a trail camera with black LED (invisible) light costs ~£260). In order to finance the purchase of additional trail cameras and their maintenance, we are offering a Trail Camera Sponsorship Scheme.

We offer 3 different options of sponsorship scheme
A) £30.00 - Basic Trail Camera Sponsorship
Sponsors will receive
  • A Certificate,
  • An image of wildlife, native to Sherwood Forest,
  • Monthly wildlife survey updates,
  • Access to video footage, taken as part of the wildlife survey,
  • Annual updates on spending.

B) £50 - Premium Trail Camera Sponsorship
Same as A plus
  • Invite to the annual sponsor event, which will included a talk about our work and a guided walk through the forest

C) £300 - Corporate trail camera sponsorship
Same as B plus
  • Being officially named as sponsor on our web page and also in publications about the wildlife survey

The supplier of our Bushnell Nature View Cameras is

Funds raised through the sponsorship schemes will be utilised to purchase more trail cameras and to resource the maintenance of the cameras plus the evaluation of video footage. The cameras paid for through the sponsorship schemes will become and remain the property of the Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre - ranger team.

You can initiate your contribution to our wildlife survey in the Sherwood Forest National Nature Reserve via the 'Donate' button below or by buying one of the camera sponsorship schemes via the booking form at the end of this page.

Please note, you don't need to have a PayPal account to donate via PayPal; you make your payment here also by debit or credit card.

Camera Sponsorship

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