Some Thoughts on Summer

11th May 2017
An article by Special Constable Alan Marwood, Nottinghamshire Police Pro-Active Rural Crime Team

The first shallows of summer are surely with us and spring is nothing but a memory as Sumner blooms.

The Notts Police Pro-Active Rural Team have been out with Notts Fire Service, spreading the word about rural arson and fire prevention. We are keeping the impetus going across the summer, and the key objective is to reduce all rural fires which are devastating to farmers and pose a real problem for the police and fire service.

All the farmers we spoke to really welcomed our visits, and if we could press home the message to be aware of fire especially in view of the dry weather. If you are out in the country please don't discard cigarette ends, don't light fires or BBQs and above all don't go on to farms and their buildings unless you have permission.

The fishing season resumes in June and please ensure you have a current EA rod licence before you fish as we will be conducting enforcement checks throughout the season and the penalties for no licence can be quite severe.

Take extra care on the rural roads as we have seen a marked increase in deer related incidents with some collisions and near misses being reported. The damage caused to a vehicle is really amazing and personal injury is a real possibility. If there are traffic signs advising of wild animals please observe them and take heed.

Furthermore, please don't be tempted to take quad bikes or off road motor cycles on farm land. If we catch you we will seize them and any offenders will be reported for summons.

If you see anything suspicious please call 101 or if it's an emergency with a crime in progress then ring 999.

Notts Police Pro-Active Crime Team