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Big Cats around the world are endangered to loose the battle for survival, unless we help. All of the 6 tiger subspecies are classified as endangered by the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature), and three of them even as critically endangered. The Amur leopard is as well critically endangered and with only up to 70 inidividual left in its natural habitat, probably the most endangered big cat species in the world.

Photography for Big Cat is on a mission to raise awareness for the situation of the Big Cats and funds for conservation work to save them. We have carefully selected conservation groups/projects, of which we know, they spend funds, they receive either completely or to the majority (90%) on the conservation work out in the big cats' habitat. The conservation groups/projects, we support are
The amount of money, we hope to raise for the above-mentioned groups in 2017 is

This will be mainly done via our fundraising stalls at zoos and wildlife parks, where you can buy our photoproducts and/or donate directly via our collection boxes.

For more information on where and when you can find our fundraising stall please visit our Fundraising Events webpage.

Besides via our fundraising stalls, you can help us to raise funds for the big cats by
  • Buying one of our photoproducts from our online Gallery
As alway, we appreciate any contribution and thank you very much for your continued support!