Amur Leopards

This portfolio contains images of Amur leopards at Colchester Zoo and Yorkshire Wildlife Park, where we raise funds for the conservation of this critically endangered species.

There are only up to 80 Amur leopards left in their natural home range in the Russian Far East and in north-east China. Due to this small population number and the continuing threats to this small population, the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) has classified the Amur leopard as Critically Endangered.

Seventy percent (70%) from proceeds of any photo sales in this portfolio will go either to the Amur Leopard and Tiger Alliance (ALTA) or to Wildlife Vets International (WVI).
(Images from Colchester Zoo contribute to WVI and images from Yorkshire Wildlife Park to ALTA).
9418 Amur Leopard - Milena (Colchester Zoo)
9281 Amur Leopard - Milena (Colchester Zoo)
9292 Amur Leopard - Milena (Colchester Zoo)
9420 Amur Leopard - Milena (Colchester Zoo)
7679Amur Leopard - Freya (Yorkshire Wildlife Park)
9965Amur Leopard - Freya (Yorkshire Wildlife Park)
4531Amur Leopard - Drake posing (Yorkshire Wildlife Park)
4220Amur Leopard - Freya being thoughtful (Yorkshire Wildlife Park)
0974Amur Leopard - Milena On The Move (Colchester Zoo)
3301 Amur Leopard - Milena (Colchester Zoo)
1347Amur Leopard - Milena Relaxing On Log (Colchester Zoo)
5294 Amur Leopard - Sayan (Colchester Zoo)
9954Amur Leopard - Freya Watching Camels (Yorkshire Wildlife Park)
7989 Amur Leopard - Milena in winter (Colchester Zoo)
1262Amur Leopard - Milena On A mission (Colchester Zoo)
7623Amur Leopard - Drake posing on platform (Yorkshire Wildlife Park)
2812 Amur Leopard - Milena Observing Visitors (Colchester Zoo)
4605 Amur Leopard - Sayan showing his teeth (Colchester Zoo)
6162 Amur Leopard - Dimitri (Yorkshire Wildlife Park)
3284 Amur Leopard - Milena (Colchester Zoo)
4604 Amur Leopard - Sayan (Colchester Zoo)
5896 Amur Leopard - Milena Up In The Bushes (Colchester Zoo)
2205Amur Leopard - Milena On Approach
0978 Amur Leopard - Sayan (Colchester Zoo)