Talk on Wildlife in Sherwood Forest

17th July 2017
We have scvheduled a talk about the
Wildlife Habitat - Sherwood Forest
at the Clipstone Village Hall
on 30 September 2017

Badger Cub

Our wildlife photographer, Barbara Meyer will talk about the wildlife species, we have recorded in the wider Sherwood Forest area over the past 3 years. She will share some of the observations, we have made during our survey about the different species and their behaviour plus our impact on wildlife.

This talk will be open to anyone who is interested in what wildlife species live in Sherwood Forest or in British wildlife more generally. The talk will be based on a film produced from images, taken by Barbara Meyer and video clips, recorded by our trail cameras in the wider Sherwood Forest area.

For more information about the talk, the venue and timings plus to book your space(s) please click on this Sherwood Forest Talk link.

We hope very much to see you in Clipstone on 30 September 2017.