Talks on Big Cats, Wildlife Conservation and more

27th January 2016
Wildlife photographer Barbara Meyer has provided talks on big cats, wildlife conservation and photography now for several years. Last year she started to offer talks also about her own conservation project in Sherwood Forest. This is obviously not about big cats, but about what wildlife lives in England's most famous forest and how it is impacted by and re-acting to people and dogs using the nature reserve for recreational purposes as well as larger events like the Robin Hood Festival.

Our business objective is to raise awareness for Big Cats and the conservation efforts around them. However based on similar issues for big cats and British wildlife, and some of the problems for big cats having to do with our day-to-day life here, Photography for Big Cats CIC has expanded its mission and work to local wildlife species and our impact on wildlife.

Photography for Big Cats' talks reflect this and Barbara's talk about the Sherwood Forest wildlife is as popular as her ones on the big cats. Talks are available for groups of any sizes and take usually 60 minutes, but can be altered in length and also tailored to fit different type of audiences.

For more information on the individual topics on offer and to book a talk for your group, please click on the highlighted word Talks.