Trail Camera Project for Schools

19th July 2017
Much has happened since we had the idea of bringing wildlife closer to children by using trail cameras to teach them about the wildlife. We will be working with 2 schools in Nottinghamshire from September onwards. For this we need however your help as we do need trail cameras, other equipment and accessories, and will need to finance the resourcing for this project.

Badger and cub at their sett

At a meeting at the NTU Children's University we discussed the idea of our Educational Trail Camera project with some of the schools there. Following this we met with the co-ordinator of Children's University activities at Candleby Lane School in Cotgrave, and agreed to start our Educational Trail Camera project for some of their pupils under the Children's University programme in September 2017.

In the meantime, we reached out to schools outside the Children's University in Newark and agreed with two of these to run the project as part of extra-curriculum activities, the schools offer. One of these schools will commence the trail camera surveys also with the beginning of the new school term
(in September 2017), while the other school will start the project in 2018.

The Educational Trail Camera Project has the objective to raise the children's interest in wildlife and to encourage them to learn about the different species that live in natural habitat areas around us. The children will
  • Explore surrounding natural habitat areas for signs of wildlife activity plus setting up and maintaining trail cameras,
  • Evaluate the footage, which the cameras recorded, and learn about species, their behaviour and their role in the natural environment,
  • Produce a short film about a wildlife species, the children's experience and impressions or issues for wildlife and what could be done to help.

In order to make this all happening, we need trail cameras, binoculars, photo/film cameras plus accessories like batteries, security locks and SD cards. Furthermore, we will need to find funding for the resourcing of teaching the children the use of trail cameras and about the wildlife that they may see and the species, the cameras record.

For the two schools, which will be starting the project in September, we require a total of £4,000 to cover equipment, accessories and resourcing for a year. This should be funded through a combination of grant schemes, crowd funding, fundraising and also discounts by suppliers.

In order to get the Educational Trail Camera project started for these two schools, we hope to raise at least 50% of the total amount through crowd funding and fundraising. We have started the fundraising at talks about the Wildlife in Sherwood Forest, which our wildlife photographer provides to various interest groups. Through these we have raised so far just over £300. A big thank you in this respect to all the U3A, the Women's Institute groups and Standhill Infants' School, which have donated as part of my talks

We need however further help and hope very much to gain your support to reach our goal. You can either donate directly via the 'Donate Button' below
(or at the top), or you can do this through our crowd fundraising campaign, which we will launch over the coming days (depending approval from platform provider).

Roe Deer

Thank you very much in advance!