Winter Rural Beat

30th November 2016
An article by Special Constable Alan Marwood, Nottinghamshire Police Rural Proactive Team

Foxes (photo taken at British Wildlife Centre, Surrey)

Now that winter is truly upon us, wildlife is slumbering, and those animals that we saw throughout the year's cycle are foraging for food after exhausting natures Autumn larder.

Snow is yet to fall, but the iron grip of frost holds the countryside until the pale, wintry sun gives scant warmth to the solid ground. Nature is almost asleep. Hardy creatures survive and our waterways hold a cold depth of icy darkness where fish still flourish.

Be vigilant for those who wish to snare, trap and kill our wild creatures without just cause. Where game is taken, make sure that you have permission to take it, and that the land owner you seek it from has given you permission to be on that land.

Be aware of game that's offered to you by people who appear to be doing you a favour; they won't be so as the game will be no doubt stolen, poached, or unlawfully taken.

Let the police know if you see people hunting with dogs. If you suspect hare coursing ring the police, don't approach them, note the vehicle registration if possible, and location details if you get it. This really helps the police control room, and the officers who attend.[/size

Nottinghamshire Police wish all our rural community a safe and happy Christmas

Robert Frost sums up Winter with this poem:
The woods are lonely, dark and deep
But I have promises yet to keep
And miles to go before I sleep
The snow still fresh, cold and deep